5 Quick Tips

Create an account with us to save you some time during checkout. You won't be able to input your payment information until checkout but you will be able to put your name, email and address.

Read through our F.A.Q. We are striving to give you as much information as possible beforehand, so you know what to expect. We are a young business and therefore constantly learning. We appreciate your patience, and are open to questions/feedback at info@alterrahandmade.com

Be ready on the website a few minutes before the sale, and remember to refresh the product page at the scheduled time on the dot. None of the products will be posted before that time. Keep an eye on our Instagram for sneak peaks of our inventory.

Prioritize!!! Placing an item in your cart does not reserve it, or prevent someone else from buying it. We are working with small inventory sales, and most listings are one product only. If there is something you really want, place it in your cart and check out immediately. Don't miss out!

Embrace the perfect imperfection. Remember these are handmade products. To learn more about our story, check out the About section of our website.